Thank you Agendaweb for backlinks I didn't ask for. You are sending me thousands of visitors every day, for free!

Thank you Discord for letting me meet people for feedback. Lots of ideas were born there.

Thank you Bootstrap for free icons set. I had tried to draw icons on Paint myself, they were very ugly.

Thank you for gif creation tool.

Thank you Zoho for nicest mails ever.

Thank you Mixkit for free sound effects.

Thank you Nica, Juicyxeno, BNec бинек, Lazy Frenchie, Uialeth, Takiya Genji, Anatolian, ARTIM, Ax.III, Cupcait, deimos, Egon, George Head, Kjellska, kork, Mermaid, MrHenriquez, panda179, Putchy, seiji, SenhorNTB, sunset, T V S N, Tchan, TYLER, Yatalu, ЯрRus for your feedback, compliments, helping me spread out the word. You made Grammarism better! Very kind of you guys!

Thank you Jamie T, She & Him, Bob Dylan, Dinosaur Jr., The Shins, The White Stripes, Kasabian, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Elbow, Blur, Oasis, Wolfmother, The xx, Broken Social Scene, Parquet Courts, The Cribs, Local Natives, Polo & Pan, Circa Waves and Band of Horses.


Thank you Python Foundation and everyone contributed in Python's existence. It's best programming language so far.

Thank you Django team for the simplest and nicest web framework.

Thank you Stackoverflow team and all its contributors for solutions of technical problems Grammarism had.

Thank you Project Gutenberg team and all its contributors for free public domain books.

Thank you Bootstrap team for the front-end framework. Making css accessible for us stupid software developers is a huge thing.

Thank you Jquery and Jquery UI teams for making javascript more doable.

Thank you Startbootstrap team for free html/css bootstrap templates. Grammarism's page designs were initiated by their templates.

Thank you Stanford University NLP Team for NLP algorithms and libraries. You turned years of work into few function calls!

Thank you NLTK team and contributors for natural language processing tools.

Thank you Sublime Text team for free code editor.

Thank you Reportlab team for pdf generation library.

Thank you Ahrefs and Wordtracker teams for seo keywords and backlink research.

Thank you Kolourpaint for paint program. Most of drawings and images were made on it easily.

Thank you Concerned Ape for inspiration and the amazing game.

Thank you Paul Graham for amazing essays about startups and life.

Thank you Grammarly for "grammar"+"suffix" formula! You are father of Grammarism name!

Thank you Yourdictionary for listing -ism suffix and describing it as 'theory, act or belief', liked that explanation.

Thank you Flatuicolorpicker for flat color palettes and html codes.

Thank you Stanislav Kondratiev for the free stock photo on homepage. Everyone loves it!

Thank you for free 'loading gif'.

Thank you Naoya for scroll down button design on homepage.

Thank you Learnlight and Elucidat for "instant feedback" gamification technique. Without that information, there wouldn't be a progress bar in online test pages.

Thank you Getir for the color palette of our favicon/logo. It was supposed to be a simple G letter but it suddenly looked like something more while creating it. Everyone loves it too!

Thank you PythonAnywhere for cheap python hosting. Simple, easy to use, very pythonic,est python hosting on earth.

Thank you Libre Office for free office programs. Very kind of you.

Thank you Let's Encrypt for free SSL certificate. Very kind of you too.

Thank you Mozilla for Firefox browser and powerful development tools.

Thank you Ubuntu, Linus Torvalds and all its contributors for creating the best operating system and making it free.

Thank you SQLite and PostgreSQL teams for light, open-source and useful database systems.

Thank you Raymond Murphy and all its writers/editors of English Grammar in Use books. Grammarism's topics were choosen and designed thanks to you.

Thank you Spotify for songs of Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Regina Spektor, Big Thief, Coldplay(the old ones), Joni Mitchell, Damon Albarn, Built To Spill, The Smashing Pumkins, The Velvet Underground, Fiona Apple, The Beatles, Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, Nirvana, Semisonic, Interpol, Deep Sea Diver, The Cranberries, Radiohead, Portishead and The Arctic Monkeys.

Thank you Alfred, Friedrich, Jack, Knut, Fyodor, Hermann, John.

Thank you all the people who believed in me, cared me, encouraged me, tried to motivate me, shared their ideas, feedback, time, meals, money, and most importantly friendship with me. You'll always be in my heart.

Thank you all my relatives, neighbours, friends who disbelieved in me, lied to me, said mean things into my face, tried to break my room's door while I was trying to work, planned and did things to make my life worse, wished I failed.

And thank you dad. I love you. I have always. Please forgive me.