There Isn't vs There Aren't Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 4,558

  • 1. There aren't many people who can differentiate wines above a certain and that not at all a high price.
  • 2. There isn't any doubt about that.
  • 3. But there isn't a moment to lose.
  • 4. And that there any other matters?
  • 5. There many of us left now.
  • 6. There judges enough to try them.
  • 7. There enough lovers of beauty among men.
  • 8. Of course, as there sufficient chairs, one player will be left standing and he must pay a forfeit.
  • 9. The other species is the "common" or "large" wolf; but it is not decided among naturalists that there several distinct species of the latter.
  • 10. there any laws in the state?
  • 11. Assuredly it does not prove the point, which alone requires proof; namely, that there passages, which would suit the one and not suit the other.
  • 12. There a dirty drop in her.
  • 13. There the slightest doubt about it.
  • 14. There a word of truth in it.
  • 15. There such a thing.
  • 16. There a soul around.
  • 17. And there any air.
  • 18. There the least doubt about it.
  • 19. But there any love in her.
  • 20. There many light elements in our soil.

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