There Was vs There Were Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. There were a few other people in the car.
  • 2. There were so many things to learn.
  • 3. Then there was silence for a moment.
  • 4. But there nothing to be said.
  • 5. There only one thing to say.
  • 6. But there work to be done.
  • 7. There something still to be done.
  • 8. There loud voices on the opposite bank.
  • 9. There other reasons for his silence.
  • 10. There every reason for taking time.
  • 11. There no one to look at me.
  • 12. There just one thing to do.
  • 13. There busy times in the little town.
  • 14. There short curtains in the windows.
  • 15. There a great many people at the ball.
  • 16. There lines under his dark eyes.
  • 17. There no dry eyes in the room.
  • 18. There many families in the same position.
  • 19. There some young trees on it.
  • 20. There a good many boys in the class.

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