There Was vs There Were Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. There weren't nearly so many ships as I expected.
  • 2. But never did the time come when there weren't other things to do.
  • 3. There wasn't anything else to do.
  • 4. There many girls in the factory like Rosie.
  • 5. As to lodgings, if there houses enough, the cellars might make up the deficiency.
  • 6. But there any pleasure in it.
  • 7. There many people going through this street.
  • 8. There much left of the soldier.
  • 9. Many listened to him and followed his advice; but there a few careless ones who went over to join the party of the governor and the priests.
  • 10. But there much game.
  • 11. There ever no one like her.
  • 12. But there any other door.
  • 13. There more than a hundred and fifty girls present.
  • 14. There flowers any more.
  • 15. He soon spied the three hens strutting proudly about, though they were really anxiously wondering if there some grains lying on the ground that they might be glad to eat.
  • 16. There much use in thinking.
  • 17. As if there several millions in the United Kingdom!
  • 18. There no spots on my father.
  • 19. There a word of truth in it.
  • 20. And there any other children near for him to play with, so he used to play happily all by himself.

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