Demonstrative Pronouns (this/that/these/those) Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. Leave the bustle and tumult of society to those who have not talents to occupy themselves without them.
  • 2. But that's what they do.
  • 3. And the first of these was to obtain the food she had come to seek.
  • 4. But is not the place for special study.
  • 5. Many cities had he seen, and known the minds of who dwelt in them.
  • 6. But is no place for him.
  • 7. The first of is too well known to need much description.
  • 8. The first of was the day I won my appointment at Trenton, Missouri, in a competitive examination with seventeen competitors.
  • 9. I have not seen it from day to .
  • 10. If I should not be so fortunate, the money is better in your hands than in the hands of who will murder me.
  • 11. And the first of was not long in arriving.
  • 12. I have never seen them from day to .
  • 13. 's the way they say it.
  • 14. But time it was quite different.
  • 15. The first of , would be to adopt the Spanish proportion between gold and silver; the second, the French; the third, a mere popular barter, wherein convenience is consulted more than accuracy.
  • 16. Now, one or two of who were in the boat escaped, against all likelihood, to tell the story.
  • 17. But time it was our turn.
  • 18. All on board the vessel had been launched into the sea at the same moment, and who were not now on shore were past all succour.
  • 19. who knew him best loved him most.
  • 20. On every occasion its confirmation followed, not without amazement on the part of who gave it.

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