To For Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. It was time for him to come.
  • 2. But this thing was not to be.
  • 3. Again there was silence a time.
  • 4. Is there nothing I can do you?
  • 5. the same reason, he thought.
  • 6. I have not seen you a long time.
  • 7. I don't see what I can do you.
  • 8. It was time him return.
  • 9. He left the room without waiting an answer.
  • 10. I did not say nothing a long time.
  • 11. They walked in silence a few minutes.
  • 12. She stood looking at it a long time.
  • 13. What could he have do with it?
  • 14. See what I can do you.
  • 15. I had not seen him a long time.
  • 16. That was all she had say.
  • 17. I walked by her side a moment in silence.
  • 18. It would only be a few minutes.
  • 19. She had very much think of.
  • 20. It will keep a day or two.

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