Used To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Rainbow Lodge didn't use to be like this. (be)
  • 2. It used not to be so when, in former days, Yakutsk was surrounded by vast marshes, often submerged, and apparently quite useless for the purposes of cultivation. (be)
  • 3. Father, you used not to stand aloof: you from protesting. (stand) (shrink)
  • 4. He so frigid. (be)
  • 5. It so, but France in all such things is changed for the worse. (be)
  • 6. Money everything; there were some kinds of superiority that ranked above it-nobility, genius, service done to the State. (be)
  • 7. I so at first, but now I know there are. (think)
  • 8. Little Susie when mother took us in there because mother thought she was too young. (pray)
  • 9. They had a brisk, cheery, self-reliant air: there was a certain neatness and respectability about which they in the old times. (care)
  • 10. They both have a little temper; life would be flat without that; she is a little irritable sometimes; she ; and when they don't agree they let each other alone for a little. (be)
  • 11. And, you see, when once I was sure that he was frightened of me, I him a bit. (mind)
  • 12. Oh, well, my distinguished cousin so hard to get hold of-not in the old days when we were seeing so much of your father. (be)
  • 13. I any better myself … Eh, Wilhelm, that you will have remembered even in your booziness? (do)
  • 14. It so when I was in Honeymead. (be)
  • 15. Such things in this old-fashioned place as running about the streets picking up items from people and asking personal questions for the paper to exploit the replies. (occur)
  • 16. You so stand off and distant. (be)
  • 17. We that we had to have a new wife every year or two; we stuck to the old ones; the ones that had helped us get our starts. (think)
  • 18. What changes greet my wistful eyes In quiet little Bramble-Rise, Once fairest of its shire; How alter'd is each pleasant nook, The dumpy church So dumpy in the spire. (look)
  • 19. It so when they walked Union Street together and all the neighbors regarded the engagement as an accomplished fact. (be)
  • 20. You a fellow for sneaking once. (be)

Online Used To Negative Form (used not to / didn't use to) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

41 used to negative online multiple choices exercises in 2 tests. Practice used to negative form online for exams, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the interactive used to negative form (used not to / didn't use to) activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and intermediate level learners.