Verb To Be Negative Form (am not/isn't/aren't) Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. It isn't for me to say.
  • 2. I am not certain of it, however.
  • 3. But you aren't driven to it.
  • 4. Don't think he .
  • 5. These things to be done.
  • 6. But I going to let you.
  • 7. You any different to me.
  • 8. It as it will be.
  • 9. I the man I was.
  • 10. They look easy, but they .
  • 11. We certain that it's so.
  • 12. I hope you like him.
  • 13. It even what you think.
  • 14. But I so good as you.
  • 15. We so fresh as we were.
  • 16. But it so with man.
  • 17. In fact, they particular.
  • 18. But they made for attack.
  • 19. But I in their place.
  • 20. Now we the same.

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