Was vs Were Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. He came into the room where they were.
  • 2. He was never the same man again.
  • 3. I did not know that you were here.
  • 4. He the last to have it.
  • 5. In a moment she back at his side.
  • 6. They at our home all night.
  • 7. And every man on his feet.
  • 8. He seemed to know where he .
  • 9. And he saw that she right.
  • 10. For a moment the room very still.
  • 11. And it well that he did.
  • 12. But the day nothing to the night.
  • 13. She only knew that it so.
  • 14. I didn't say it me.
  • 15. That is how it with him.
  • 16. I'm not the man I .
  • 17. She very good to me, too.
  • 18. And what I to do then?
  • 19. Who she I do not know.
  • 20. I will tell you what they .

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