Was vs Were Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. She was to have it the next day.
  • 2. You did as you were told without question.
  • 3. They were going to do so that day.
  • 4. It was like we'd be in it.
  • 5. He a man of this life and this world.
  • 6. And now it every man for himself.
  • 7. It the only thing to do with it.
  • 8. I didn't know that you there.
  • 9. The work done by my own men.
  • 10. It the world as I knew it.
  • 11. By this time they at the house door.
  • 12. He knew not that it before him.
  • 13. The next moment we in the great room.
  • 14. There they known by a man of the town.
  • 15. He did not know where they going.
  • 16. Now it in the room with her.
  • 17. I know you very good to us.
  • 18. He did not know that I the man.
  • 19. I on my way to see you.
  • 20. Nothing to be seen on any side.

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