Was vs Were Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. But it wasn't so to be.
  • 2. He wasn't much to look at.
  • 3. These words weren't said without a certain difficulty.
  • 4. But she knew she .
  • 5. They in time, however.
  • 6. They going to do anything.
  • 7. I thinking about that.
  • 8. She felt that she alone.
  • 9. The others to be seen.
  • 10. They like the boys of his time.
  • 11. But he looking at her.
  • 12. But his heart in his work.
  • 13. We the only ones there.
  • 14. We meant for each other.
  • 15. It some other matter, however.
  • 16. It true that I found them.
  • 17. But this thing to be.
  • 18. But the others with him.
  • 19. The men even in line.
  • 20. The white boys with him.

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