Would Like Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 315

  • 1. Well, I would like to do it. (do)
  • 2. He wouldn't like her to be different. (not/her/be)
  • 3. Would you like to know who we are? (you/know/?)
  • 4. At least this was the only point on which they showed it, and they of the small credit attached to it; but the evidence I have now adduced renders even this plea of doubtful force. (not/passive/deprive)
  • 5. Maybe, but I there. (not/live)
  • 6. A nice young lady, with whom I danced, asked me if I very great friends with her. (not/be)
  • 7. I it, anyhow. (try)
  • 8. But perhaps you into the old neighbourhood again. (not/me/come down)
  • 9. anything? (you/me/do/?)
  • 10. Everybody it up. (give)
  • 11. I out that story. (act)
  • 12. I it up again. (take)
  • 13. Papa said he an apple.
  • 14. The dinner, too; she had been afraid that George all his friends to know she'd cooked it. (not)
  • 15. I saw you go in, and I thought you there for three days. (not/stay)
  • 16. here in the chicken-ranch? (you/passive/leave/?)
  • 17. back to her own people? (she/go/?)
  • 18. I even, too. (get)
  • 19. my purchase? (you/see/?)
  • 20. He said he a man like you for a brother. (have)

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