Would Like Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 23

  • 1. Perhaps you wouldn't like me to go, dearest? (me/go)
  • 2. I wouldn't like to be a captain in the Navy. (be)
  • 3. Afterwards he was sent over to ask the little boy if he wouldn't like to pay a visit himself. (pay)
  • 4. You here and eat all alone. (sit)
  • 5. I the train to pull out without us.
  • 6. I don't like him, and I his pack.
  • 7. I cannot be made like other folk, then; for I how often I went down, or how often I came up again. (write)
  • 8. You so. (passive/treat)
  • 9. I was wondering if you her happy, seeing she's always been so good to you. (try/and/make)
  • 10. One a question of that sort unless one knew her quite well. (ask)
  • 11. Perhaps he the dollar, but if it had been accompanied by a word of sympathy, his sensibility might have been soothed by your recognition of human partnership in the goods of this world. (earn)
  • 12. She , or think of any thing wrong. (you/fight)
  • 13. I his eyes and find you by his side. (him/open)
  • 14. You a pipe?
  • 15. The American likes it, and he the picturesqueness of the Spanish or the Latin races.
  • 16. Thought you delicate-not at my age. (me/be)
  • 17. The impression at the first was, that one this man for an enemy. (have)
  • 18. I knew if she was in his room, that he any one to know it.
  • 19. He a moment of it, but he'd go.
  • 20. He like this. (me/go on)

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