Would Prefer Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 38

  • 1. Miss Vyvyan was about to suggest that probably the strange gentleman would prefer not to accept Cora's invitation until he had received one from her mother, when he interposed by asking Cora what her mother's name was. (not/accept)
  • 2. Would people really prefer a figurehead and a symbol of undisputed authority? (people/really/?)
  • 3. He would prefer to slay him in self-defence. (slay)
  • 4. Well, next to being English I an American. (be)
  • 5. It is improbable, if two men were to keep pigeons and act in this manner, that they exactly the same characters; they would, as we know, often prefer directly opposite characters, and the two lots would ultimately come to differ.
  • 6. Besides, I reckoned that Cassavetti the housekeeper interfere with his queer visitor. (not/have)
  • 7. I must take it for granted that Victor Field the world know who he is. (not/let)
  • 8. I down here only that which I understood and felt at the time. (set)
  • 9. What man pestilence, famine, war-these being mere bodily calamities-to a famine of the Word which is always joined to eternal damnation? (not)
  • 10. Were she in his place, she told herself, she the embarrassments which the contrasts between themselves and him must entail. (not/suffer)
  • 11. I was here to see the head man, but I him out in the open. (see)
  • 12. A certain sedentary majority where they were. (remain)
  • 13. Rossetti's "Blessed Damozel" to any street scene ever painted? (it/not/?)
  • 14. how tall Eppie was, what kind of clothes she wore, etc., to the knowledge you gain of her on p. 178? (you/know/?)
  • 15. Mr. Jay his present office.
  • 16. Or perhaps you your own maid?
  • 17. an inside seat? (you/not/?)
  • 18. But perhaps you auricular evidence.
  • 19. If a person were altogether penetrated with the sea, having sea within and without, above and below, on every side, he one place to another, all being the same to him. (not)
  • 20. And ? (which of these rooms/you/me/take/?)

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