Would Prefer Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. I suppose you didn't tell me that Dick was here because you thought I would prefer not to know it. (know)
  • 2. Besides, he would prefer not to have the marriage take place until after Wolff's election to the Council, which, in all probability, would occur after Walpurgis of the coming year. (have)
  • 3. If a person were altogether penetrated with the sea, having sea within and without, above and below, on every side, he wouldn't prefer one place to another, all being the same to him.
  • 4. Evidently, if he could consult his own wishes, he his brother. (discuss)
  • 5. Moreover, I seemed to find in the drift of what she had said-and more particularly in her manner of saying it-a hint that possibly I might be one of those with whom she on terms of intimacy. (be)
  • 6. I must take it for granted that Victor Field the world know who he is. (let)
  • 7. What parent a child sick than dead? (see)
  • 8. So off we started up the muddy hillside, leaving our engineer to his task on the railroad; for what pedestrian the worst dirt road to the best railroad for an hour's walking?
  • 9. Beatrice privately thought that she all that rubbish. (know)
  • 10. Miss Vyvyan was about to suggest that probably the strange gentleman Cora's invitation until he had received one from her mother, when he interposed by asking Cora what her mother's name was. (accept)
  • 11. Before she could think of anything further to say the head waiter rushed up to inquire if Miss Duluth and her friend a table at one of the windows.
  • 12. I am not sure, however, whether I the simple minuteness with which he dwells on every little circumstance, to that dissertative style of history characteristic of a more reflective age, that for series of facts substitutes bundles of theories.
  • 13. We will certainly expect you, Mrs. Temple, to be present at the masque; and if Miss Virginia her part in the exhibition, she may still be there to cheer us with her smiles. (play)
  • 14. What man pestilence, famine, war-these being mere bodily calamities-to a famine of the Word which is always joined to eternal damnation?
  • 15. I praised the arrangement as just and excellent, but said that, being a bird of passage, I it. (make)
  • 16. Were she in his place, she told herself, she the embarrassments which the contrasts between themselves and him must entail. (suffer)
  • 17. Who among us a few words of prayer taught us by our mother, to the most eloquent supplication composed by ourselves?
  • 18. As we have said before in this chapter, he , because he has made up his mind not to repent. (remember)
  • 19. Besides, I reckoned that Cassavetti the housekeeper interfere with his queer visitor. (have)
  • 20. She offered to keep her letters, and show them, when written, to her lover; but he declared that he them. (see)

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