Would Prefer Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. With respect to the security required by the sixth section I would prefer persons residing within the United States, where the party can procure such to be his security.
  • 2. I would prefer to go to my own old home. (go)
  • 3. I would prefer to set down here only that which I understood and felt at the time. (set)
  • 4. I my life in a fight. (risk)
  • 5. As to costume, he the costume of innocence if he was allowed.
  • 6. Rather than hear such a remark from one of my little boys, I him in his grave. (see)
  • 7. She wondered what he would do for a bed, if he would insist on sharing the shelter of the cave with her, or if he outside under the stars. (sleep)
  • 8. If I saw no probability of such generosity I that things should remain as they were.
  • 9. If you are the inferior player, make a rule, when in any doubt, of asking him what he . (you/do)
  • 10. Yes, I a more respectable class of men who had a stake in the country.
  • 11. A certain sedentary majority where they were. (remain)
  • 12. Under such conditions any man of any colour for himself if he had a garden, or would be idle if he had none. (work)
  • 13. She a little boy of her own age who would make her laugh.
  • 14. If the money had never been paid, that was what she . (believe)
  • 15. But I a fair fight under the open heavens, vessel to vessel, soldier to soldier, sword to sword.
  • 16. I guess I the river to that.
  • 17. Carmen says she a row of monks-something piquant about that in a ballroom.
  • 18. It was not, as Paul instinctively felt, exactly the position in which a gentleman who wished to stand well with those in authority over him . (passive/find)
  • 19. But I see you something light and sparkling.
  • 20. I it a not-too-subtle warning. (call)

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