Would Rather Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. Would you rather tell me now, or wait till later on? (you/tell/?)
  • 2. I only said I would rather not say. (not/say)
  • 3. I would rather be just myself. (be)
  • 4. There is nothing I credit. (not)
  • 5. I him than anybody else. (have)
  • 6. I guess I at our house. (live)
  • 7. I you take it as a gift. (let)
  • 8. I any more. (not/say)
  • 9. I that I shall never see you again. (know)
  • 10. He , really. (passive/execute)
  • 11. I to the walls. (passive/chain)
  • 12. She was content with her lot; and if any change for the worse were in prospect she beforehand by a wise prophet; nor was it better to be deluded by a foolish one. (not/passive/torment)
  • 13. I a book by you! (read)
  • 14. He than eat. (play)
  • 15. I believe I with Virginia. (stay)
  • 16. There was still another which I about. (not/speak)
  • 17. She of that room now. (not/think)
  • 18. I if I can't have a nice dress. (not/act)
  • 19. Well, -that jar or a pair of shoes? (which/you/have/?)
  • 20. to my house and live there all the time until your mother is better? (you/not/come/?)

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