Would Rather Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. I would rather not see him again. (see)
  • 2. I would rather not believe that the Federal Government could be so disgraced by its own soldiers. (believe)
  • 3. Whether she was right about his immunity to the Russian mental control was another matter, and one he would rather not put to the test. (put)
  • 4. Ask our Piero or any other painter if he your portrait now than before. (paint)
  • 5. If you don't mind I about it just at present. (talk)
  • 6. We you the satisfaction of making what you call restitution. (give)
  • 7. Only I the means. (know)
  • 8. But perhaps you . (go ahead)
  • 9. But I have told him that you anything of the sort. (hear)
  • 10. In my soul, too, there are unhappy and unholy thoughts that I . (utter)
  • 11. Peter, who had never tasted spirits, said he the rum, whereon old Jim laughed at him and drank it himself. (take)
  • 12. It would, however, be life in such a dreadful and debased form that I about it at all. (think)
  • 13. I you about it. (tell)
  • 14. Few bad men are so "bad" that they , even in captivity, than come to their full reward in the kingdom of Satan. (live)
  • 15. I don't think it is the usual run of bank robbery, and I a guess just now. (hazard)
  • 16. But I it. (do)
  • 17. He cannot conceive why one should roam about, where there is nothing to seek and nothing to do, and why, under such circumstances, one down on the long bench and go to sleep. (lie)
  • 18. So Jimmy said he at all, than wear those horrid leggins. (go out)
  • 19. To be intruded on Robert thus, against her will and his expectation, and when he evidently , keenly annoyed her. (passive/delay)
  • 20. The surgeon was skilful, but I own that my nerves got such a twinge that I on the subject. (dwell)

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