Would Rather Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. I would rather let you take it as a gift. (let)
  • 2. For herself, she would rather go on as she was. (go on)
  • 3. He could not stand it; he would rather kill himself. (kill)
  • 4. I it home, if I may. (take)
  • 5. I a man die than some animals. (see)
  • 6. I that I shall never see you again. (know)
  • 7. I believe that any woman a man. (trust)
  • 8. I almost anything. (do)
  • 9. I just myself. (be)
  • 10. I told him he was very kind, but I by myself. (go)
  • 11. But I the use first. (find out)
  • 12. I than hurt her. (die)
  • 13. I say, she me in the house. (meet)
  • 14. He than eat. (play)
  • 15. She said she her place. (lose)
  • 16. I in my chair and think. (sit)
  • 17. I replied that I my studies. (continue)
  • 18. I a friend than twenty slaves. (have)
  • 19. I than go to her. (die)
  • 20. I it entirely to you. (leave)

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