Privacy has no privacy policy. You are completely anonymous and you will always be.

All the codes and files are self-hosted. There are no 3rd party softwares, trackers, apis, images, files, links, buttons in our code, so other companies can learn anything about you while you're here.

In fact, Grammarism tracks some behaviours of you, in order to improve the experience of the website (and make the world a better place!), such as what answers you typed in, what mistakes you made, what points you got from a test.

But Grammarism doesn't have any information about you; your ip address, devices you use, your location, your name, your birthday, your gender, your hair color, what car you drive, how much coffee you drink, which bands you listen, which books you read, what kind of person you are, what kind of person you want to be, what kind of person you pretend to be, Grammarism has nothing about those.

Also, Grammarism doesn't store any cookies or data in your devices, so GDPR is not the case.

Grammarism is not interested in your data.

Be safe!

And do not open all the boxes...