Would Like Question Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 19

  • 1. How would you like to encounter that sort of thing when you were having a pleasant swim, I ask you? (how/you/encounter)
  • 2. How would you like to go to sea? (how/you/go)
  • 3. Would you like to see the warrant for her arrest? (you/see)
  • 4. me call you something else besides Tom? (you/not/have)
  • 5. it for me while I shoot? (you/hold)
  • 6. anything to him? (you/say)
  • 7. a sad story? (you/hear)
  • 8. ? (you/not/go)
  • 9. along too? (you/come)
  • 10. to Montgomery's this afternoon? (you/go out)
  • 11. a friendly turn against us? (when/you/try)
  • 12. up in bed? (you/sit)
  • 13. her welcome me as a friend? (I/see)
  • 14. back to us? (you/come)
  • 15. through the telescope a while? (you/not/look)
  • 16. my purchase? (you/see)
  • 17. Or a hired girl come rushing in and tell you to send up six hundred doctors, because six hundred of your wives had been taken with cholera morbus? (how/you/have)
  • 18. in Mr. Sharpin's shoes? (you/stand)
  • 19. to the far East, to see the Great Father? (any of the tribesmen/go)
  • 20. It's too warm for velvet, but a white dress of mine that's dreadfully small for me? (how/you/wear)

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