Auxiliary Verbs (be/do/have) Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. He did not like to speak to his mother. (past)
  • 2. How could she have lived through it? (past)
  • 3. I know she was looking at me. (past)
  • 4. I'd loved as man! (passive)
  • 5. This question decided for us. (present perfect)
  • 6. And yet he bound to speak. (past/passive)
  • 7. He not thought that he was. (past perfect)
  • 8. Why n't he thought of it before? (past perfect)
  • 9. Why you always come after me? (present)
  • 10. you going to do it again? (present)
  • 11. But we n't know where. (present)
  • 12. I always lived in the open. (present perfect)
  • 13. n't they take you back? (present)
  • 14. I think I must done so. (past)
  • 15. But it was as she feared. (past perfect)
  • 16. He should been here before me. (past)
  • 17. I not know what has come to you. (present)
  • 18. What it was, I n't know. (past)
  • 19. At first she not recognize him. (past)
  • 20. Who you get to do it? (past)

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