Prepositions of Time (in/on/at) Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 7,414

  • 1. The latter must be lighted at night.
  • 2. She must do that the first thing in the morning.
  • 3. An hour is quite sufficient on the day of the concert.
  • 4. I am to see him Sunday morning.
  • 5. He got poor Mary into a row Sunday.
  • 6. a few days he had a letter.
  • 7. I'll come back Monday night.
  • 8. We were present Sunday at the services.
  • 9. He is coming to see you the morning.
  • 10. the moment he was glad of it.
  • 11. And so it was the day of the wedding.
  • 12. dinner he was the life of the party.
  • 13. Well, we shall meet dinner.
  • 14. It seemed a happy world to him the moment.
  • 15. And the morning they began again.
  • 16. But the moment he wasn't interested.
  • 17. But Monday they are quite different.
  • 18. I admired you deeply Sunday evening.
  • 19. The study had not been opened Sunday.
  • 20. This cannot be done a day.

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