Present Simple Tense Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. But I don't understand you! (not/understand)
  • 2. Why do you speak so to me? (why/you/speak/?)
  • 3. I come to the last part of it. (come)
  • 4. It any kind of sense. (not/make)
  • 5. There, you home the other way. (go)
  • 6. I this as a fact. (not/say)
  • 7. I I spoke much. (not/think)
  • 8. I like you about that. (not/feel)
  • 9. You both of them. (not/want)
  • 10. And we much time. (not/have)
  • 11. I you for my life. (not/ask)
  • 12. Well, of her? (what/you/think/?)
  • 13. And this one her own way. (have)
  • 14. with these men? (what/you/want/?)
  • 15. I what he said to her. (not/know)
  • 16. him now? (I/not/know/?)
  • 17. But I for that. (not/care)
  • 18. I how it can. (not/see)
  • 19. But I them that way. (not/take)
  • 20. Now of this? (what/you/think/?)

Online Mixed Simple Present Tense Activities

2020 present simple exercises in 101 tests. Practice present simple tense online, complete the sentences using correct forms, check your answers interactively. Improve your English grammar with the ESL activities about mixed simple present tense. The first present simple tests are easier and suitable for kids, beginner (A1), elementary (A2) and pre-intermediate (B1) learners.