Verb To Be (am/is/are) Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 14,090

  • 1. I think I am in a good way.
  • 2. They like to be as they are.
  • 3. It is well that it so.
  • 4. And we going into another world.
  • 5. You here so much in his power.
  • 6. But how I to see her?
  • 7. It all one to me.
  • 8. If he , we are not.
  • 9. We different, that is all.
  • 10. That is the way we made.
  • 11. She the one to have it.
  • 12. But they after us now.
  • 13. But they will not know who we .
  • 14. They know what you after.
  • 15. They know that I with you.
  • 16. I don't know what it about them.
  • 17. They both young, you know.
  • 18. He in the day and the night.
  • 19. They only great as they good.
  • 20. I think you right about the girl.

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