Present Continuous Tense Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I am not asking now to come tomorrow. (not/ask)
  • 2. They will see that you are speaking the truth. (speak)
  • 3. It isn't according to my nature to mince matters-I will then tell you in plain terms, what I think. (not/accord)
  • 4. But he is thinking not of his mother. (think)
  • 5. in love with this woman? (I/fall/?)
  • 6. He his class outside the building. (hold)
  • 7. But we straight to Buxton. (not/go)
  • 8. I to you from the bar. (talk)
  • 9. We to any particular comet. (not/here/refer)
  • 10. It by a fellow as he ought to do. (not/stand)
  • 11. We for any land at all. (not/steer)
  • 12. And now I for the news. (wait)
  • 13. here in the city? (where/you/stay/?)
  • 14. I a part of my education. (forget)
  • 15. But I against the turf. (not/preach)
  • 16. We him for a good purpose. (keep)
  • 17. You know you the truth. (not/speak)
  • 18. I don't know how you . (feel)
  • 19. They over the right man now. (send)
  • 20. about, madam? (what on earth/you/talk/?)

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