Present Continuous Tense Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 6,515

  • 1. I am going back to my room. (go)
  • 2. We passed many months at this place: nothing, however, occurred requiring any particular notice, relating to myself, beyond what I have already stated, and I am not writing the history of others. (not/write)
  • 3. What are you driving at, man? (what/you/drive/?)
  • 4. I hope James is getting his verse as usual, and that Mary her little hymn. (not/forget)
  • 5. I don't know what you about! (talk)
  • 6. I to her sea-going qualities. (not/allude)
  • 7. The man you for. (wait)
  • 8. A rare opportunity before this nation. (pass)
  • 9. I can't understand what he about. (talk)
  • 10. But you to the poet. (refer)
  • 11. I here of numbers. (not/think)
  • 12. He of the great poets and painters, of the cloud of witnesses, who are there that we may become, through our understanding of their minds, spectators of the ages, but of this age. (not/think)
  • 13. What's that you ? (bring)
  • 14. I see you at me. (laugh)
  • 15. That is what he from. (suffer)
  • 16. But I from my subject. (wander)
  • 17. But it on him. (tell)
  • 18. That interpretation in shrewdness. (not/want)
  • 19. I of that. (not/speak)
  • 20. To prevent opinion from organizing itself under political forms may be very desirable, but it to the theory or practice of self-government. (not/accord)

Online Mixed Present Progressive Tense (am/is/are -ing) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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