Past Simple Tense Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. They walked on in silence for some time. (walk)
  • 2. But I didn't take it to her. (not/take)
  • 3. For a long time she didn't answer. (not/answer)
  • 4. Did you see her face at the station? (you/see/?)
  • 5. to show by it? (what/she/want/?)
  • 6. He at me, and I at him. (look) (look)
  • 7. I no idea that it was you. (have)
  • 8. But I to hear the answer. (not/wait)
  • 9. But I good from the first day. (make)
  • 10. But about the marriage? (how/he/learn/?)
  • 11. Then he and the room without another word. (turn) (leave)
  • 12. I to be so hard. (not/mean)
  • 13. But I so at the time. (not/think)
  • 14. of the first wife? (what/you/hear/?)
  • 15. She to the door to look for her. (go)
  • 16. I to her as she me. (speak) (pass)
  • 17. I it, but I . (not/know) (do)
  • 18. of them before? (why/I/not/think/?)
  • 19. He even to hear me. (not/appear)
  • 20. I of it in that light. (never/think)

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