Past Simple Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. Even the great business of the moment was forgotten. (forget)
  • 2. For some time not a word was spoken. (speak)
  • 3. And the story of the year was finished. (finish)
  • 4. You know it through you. (place)
  • 5. He that she was out. (tell)
  • 6. This was the way it . (write)
  • 7. That was what he for. (make)
  • 8. I was here when they . (fill)
  • 9. Suddenly, a strange sound . (hear)
  • 10. But it by him. (not/receive)
  • 11. If they did, I . (lose)
  • 12. A letter to him at that moment. (bring)
  • 13. And she to take him. (force)
  • 14. She just like the others. (treat)
  • 15. I didn't know how it . (say)
  • 16. The scene for his eyes. (not/mean)
  • 17. The ground with the dead. (cover)
  • 18. But he to do so. (not/allow)
  • 19. He read until he to dinner. (call)
  • 20. She again that day. (not/see)

Online Past Simple Tense In Passive Form Activities

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