Past Continuous Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 275

  • 1. The two men were suddenly conscious that they were being surrounded. (surround)
  • 2. In an instant the speed increased, and I was being carried swiftly away in the opposite direction from the thing I loved. (carry)
  • 3. And there, straight before me, I saw that an awful scene was being enacted. (enact)
  • 4. The score in a different fashion. (settle)
  • 5. The terrible thing from the horse. (throw)
  • 6. But soon she could not help being attracted by the fact that she at and that her arrival had created some sort of sensation. (look)
  • 7. He by a suspicion. (penetrate)
  • 8. He felt that his strength . (exhaust)
  • 9. He knew that he . (entertain)
  • 10. A stranger would have thought she into something against her will. (persuade)
  • 11. A railway in our district. (build)
  • 12. Apparatus from below to be assembled. (bring up)
  • 13. Not a word by anybody. (say)
  • 14. It seemed that my face with a flame. (scorch)
  • 15. I stared back at him for a time, to see if the sense that he would not rouse him. (watch)
  • 16. He into the life of the moon. (merge)
  • 17. Already he as an expert. (pick)
  • 18. One would think he . (pursue)
  • 19. It seemed as if an invisible cord was attached to him, and he down the road. (pull)
  • 20. He must not be allowed to know where the picture to. (take)

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