Past Continuous Tense Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. These fish weren't leaping with joy. (leap)
  • 2. He saw she wasn't listening to him. (listen)
  • 3. He wasn't searching for any way of escape. (search)
  • 4. And I either. (lie)
  • 5. She her own way. (seek)
  • 6. They into the open. (venture)
  • 7. He any more. (laugh)
  • 8. I for my own hand. (play)
  • 9. Still they upon me. (gain)
  • 10. I of that. (think)
  • 11. The girl him in the face. (look)
  • 12. I any chances. (take)
  • 13. But he for trouble. (wait)
  • 14. Other effects to complete the picture. (want)
  • 15. We now, we were running. (walk)
  • 16. Things well for them. (go)
  • 17. But I to you. (refer)
  • 18. The latter in a certain dignity. (lack)
  • 19. But he with her. (fly)
  • 20. I any attention to her. (pay)

Online Past Progressive Tense Negative Form (wasn't/weren't -ing) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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