Past Perfect Simple Tense Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. I hadn't noticed the fact before. (not/notice)
  • 2. He had held her in his arms. (hold)
  • 3. Had he betrayed himself in any way? (he/betray/?)
  • 4. In an instant he him. (recognize)
  • 5. I that you knew him. (forget)
  • 6. She her room for a month. (not/leave)
  • 7. It was worse than he . (expect)
  • 8. just to him? (they/always/be/?)
  • 9. He well with the horses. (do)
  • 10. She was gone before he . (finish)
  • 11. But it at all. (not/work)
  • 12. I him for years. (not/see)
  • 13. I over a thousand feet. (use)
  • 14. It was some time since they . (speak)
  • 15. I told him what I . (see)
  • 16. They him the opportunity. (not/give)
  • 17. He there a long time. (be)
  • 18. He went on as if he her. (not/hear)
  • 19. him about his business? (she/send/?)
  • 20. The look in her eyes . (change)

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