Past Perfect Continuous Tense Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. The conversation had been going on about the departure for the last hour. (go on)
  • 2. The man had been holding to the end of the seat. (hold)
  • 3. I had been travelling for two days. (travel)
  • 4. A man behind the hedge. (crouch)
  • 5. He of it for some considerable time. (think)
  • 6. The sun lower and lower. (get)
  • 7. She simply of his disease. (speak)
  • 8. It was what he at. (drive)
  • 9. It was what she . (expect)
  • 10. It was just what he . (wonder)
  • 11. It was evident she . (weep)
  • 12. I said I a walk. (take)
  • 13. People about the food. (complain)
  • 14. It in her heart. (sleep)
  • 15. This was what I for. (wait)
  • 16. I at him silently. (look)
  • 17. They for more than an hour. (talk)
  • 18. She the boat closely. (examine)
  • 19. Pauline on the ground. (recline)
  • 20. That was the information I for. (hope)

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