Should/Shouldn't Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 4,463

  • 1. Should he still give it to her? (he/still/give/?)
  • 2. I should think you hadn't. (think)
  • 3. I shouldn't care if I did not. (not/care)
  • 4. I it was about time. (think)
  • 5. Every one respect to the law. (pay)
  • 6. It was inevitable that she him. (see)
  • 7. But for this I no fear. (have)
  • 8. their true nature? (how/you/know/?)
  • 9. She had decided that they . (wait)
  • 10. But, yet, you . (not/worry)
  • 11. They at the dark side only. (not/look)
  • 12. I began to think I . (not/get away)
  • 13. it together? (why/we/not/try/?)
  • 14. I of that first. (perfect/speak)
  • 15. But I his heart. (perfect/break)
  • 16. I didn't think I . (mind)
  • 17. It is not right that I so. (do)
  • 18. Probably I if I did. (not/tell)
  • 19. What if he back? (not/come)
  • 20. I to have seen you. (like)

Online Should Shouldn't Modal Mixed Positive Negative Question Form Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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