Had Better Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 1,489

  • 1. We had better keep each other company. (keep)
  • 2. Had we not better remain here for a while? (we/not/remain/?)
  • 3. Twenty years without an aunt or uncle, with a wife of whom one had better not know anything, with a daughter gone from home. (not/know)
  • 4. But I at the beginning. (begin)
  • 5. some roasting-ears from the garden and prepare them? (I/not/pull/?)
  • 6. But do you think you ? (go)
  • 7. Perhaps I you about it. (tell)
  • 8. You friends with us. (make)
  • 9. Under those circumstances ? (what/she/do/?)
  • 10. You that clever creature time for reflection. (not/leave)
  • 11. I think perhaps we the risk, Hester. (not/run)
  • 12. I think you now. (go in)
  • 13. You may run about and look at everything if you like, but you in such a hurry. (not/be)
  • 14. Don't you think I with you? (come)
  • 15. You the picture with you. (take)
  • 16. cruel and not go? (he/be/?)
  • 17. And he named the name of a man, which, again, I . (not/repeat)
  • 18. here and do nothing, or go down and do less? (I/stay/?)
  • 19. at least to see whether anything could be heard of their lost possessions? (they/not/wait/?)
  • 20. But you it at a venture. (not/try)

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