There Is vs There Are Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 5,743

  • 1. And there is still another one.
  • 2. There is nothing else for it.
  • 3. There are serious moments in my life.
  • 4. There always something to do.
  • 5. There others in town besides them.
  • 6. There something the matter with him.
  • 7. There nothing I can do.
  • 8. There no time like the present.
  • 9. But there no one there.
  • 10. There good arguments for both methods.
  • 11. In another part there other scenes.
  • 12. There some things that I can not do.
  • 13. But there some things he can't stand.
  • 14. There numerous cases of a similar kind.
  • 15. There no leaves upon the trees.
  • 16. There certainly white objects in the world.
  • 17. There a light in the room still.
  • 18. There the life for ever.
  • 19. Of this animal there several species.
  • 20. But there too many against them.

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