Future Continuous Tense Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 18

  • 1. All the world will be guessing who you may be. (guess)
  • 2. I will be looking for you any day. (look)
  • 3. The people will be calling for you. (call)
  • 4. And you up on the oven. (lie)
  • 5. We our feet off this pretty carpet. (take)
  • 6. I the water one of these days. (go in)
  • 7. Maybe they directly. (start)
  • 8. And you them to me, I warrant? (lend)
  • 9. I myself for some time. (abuse)
  • 10. He for the fair Julia. (wait)
  • 11. I it over. (think)
  • 12. In four days from now you instead of laughing, because there will be hundreds of miles between you and me. (weep)
  • 13. Everybody where we are. (wonder)
  • 14. He the wall here. (pass)
  • 15. Alice to go out directly. (want)
  • 16. She her answer. (give)
  • 17. She a minute. (come in)
  • 18. It up the family. (break)
  • 19. He the blank wall then. (touch)
  • 20. You for the moon next. (fidget)

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886 online multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank future continuous positive exercises across 44 tests provide a wide range of sentences to help you grasp the context and usage/formation of the future continuous tense positive form. Prepare for exams, practice future continuous tense positive form online and verify your answers immediately. Expand your English grammar proficiency with interactive future progressive tense affirmative form activities. Suitable for kids, adults, ESL learners at the beginner, elementary, and intermediate levels.