Have To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. The missiles had to penetrate without interference. (past/penetrate)
  • 2. I have to look her right in the face. (look)
  • 3. All these farms have to be given up. (passive/give up)
  • 4. What I I will do. (do)
  • 5. Here were a number of pots broken, and it looked to me as if I for all! (should/pay)
  • 6. But now I you. (leave)
  • 7. We room for you. (shall/make)
  • 8. She paused, but the words . (past/come)
  • 9. The horse slipped on the wet grass; Charles to pass under the branches. (past/stoop)
  • 10. There is just one thing I . (say)
  • 11. But she on till night, when they halted, and the next morning it was the same thing again. (past/walk)
  • 12. All these reports immediately investigated. (be)
  • 13. Further we this curious fact. (observe)
  • 14. The Senator at the description despite his sadness. (past/laugh)
  • 15. I him away from the door. (past/draw)
  • 16. We our way in. (may/shoot)
  • 17. He for work. (past/go out/and/seek)
  • 18. He at the source of their power. (past/strike)
  • 19. So happy that I . (cry)
  • 20. At last the station-master , for a short rest. (past/leave)

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