Future Continuous Tense Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 5,337

  • 1. But you'd better come and see her, so that folks won't be talking of my having spoken to you. (not/talk)
  • 2. What will she be thinking by this time? (what/she/think/?)
  • 3. They will be wondering where you are. (wonder)
  • 4. The people for you. (call)
  • 5. We straight into it. (run)
  • 6. I can't see why he a little, in a week or so. (not/walk)
  • 7. It too much liberty, will it? (not/take)
  • 8. You a stroke of the sun. (get)
  • 9. I for you there. (wait)
  • 10. We probably one another again. (not/see)
  • 11. It my promise really… I didn't mean what I said about-you know. (not/break)
  • 12. Maybe they directly. (start)
  • 13. If the present occasion be good, I am sure your Majesty's character to avail the world of it. (not/want)
  • 14. For the next time I come up here you to me. (not/speak)
  • 15. But he good money after bad this time, like he's done too many times. (not/send)
  • 16. She a minute. (come in)
  • 17. You on me? (not/tell)
  • 18. He me the trouble. (save)
  • 19. If words can save it, they on my part. (not/want)
  • 20. But she ! (not/look)

Online Mixed Future Progressive Tense (will be -ing) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

201 online multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank future continuous exercises across 10 tests provide a wide range of sentences to help you grasp the context and usage/formation of the future continuous tense. Prepare for exams, practice future continuous tense online and verify your answers immediately. Expand your English grammar proficiency with interactive mixed future progressive tense (will be -ing) activities. Suitable for kids, adults, ESL learners at the beginner, elementary, and intermediate levels.