Used To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 33

  • 1. She used to sit and stare at her. (sit)
  • 2. I used to stand by the open window. (stand)
  • 3. Our fathers used to like that sort of piece, I believe. (like)
  • 4. When we were most in love with each other, we . (fight)
  • 5. He a system on them. (play)
  • 6. I you had your ambitions, but never mind. (think)
  • 7. I it as a child. (hear)
  • 8. Here they themselves very comfortable. (make)
  • 9. I him that he'd never make a soldier! (tell)
  • 10. She pretty hard, too. (go)
  • 11. He off and come to us. (run)
  • 12. I remember how I it. (read)
  • 13. Sometimes she as if it must be another life altogether, the life of some other child. (feel)
  • 14. I her when she was a girl. (know)
  • 15. He did not laugh as he . (do)
  • 16. A certain something was gone out of the delight they together. (take)
  • 17. It shocking things about you. (say)
  • 18. They say that he in the garden. (work)
  • 19. I them when I was a child. (gather)
  • 20. He me at my office. (visit)

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