May Might Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. May I go in and speak to her? (I/go in/and/speak/?)
  • 2. I may not see you again for months. (not/see)
  • 3. I tell you what you might do. (do)
  • 4. I it from him. (past/learn)
  • 5. It as hard as you imagine. (not/be)
  • 6. He asks if he his way. (not/lose)
  • 7. He asked me if he . (write)
  • 8. If he has it us. (help)
  • 9. the day here? (she/not/spend/?)
  • 10. You me when I tell you. (believe)
  • 11. So that I . (not/forget)
  • 12. So fair an opportunity again. (not/offer)
  • 13. We Cairo, however. (not/reach)
  • 14. The girl him as a wife. (not/suit)
  • 15. But he back this way. (not/come)
  • 16. You so, but you have. (not/think)
  • 17. It all we can get. (be)
  • 18. My men a clean job. (not/make)
  • 19. I am so faint I ! (not/stand)
  • 20. I think he silent. (past/keep)

Online May Might/May Not Might Not Modal Mixed Positive Negative Question Form Activities

2040 may might exercises in 101 tests. Practice may might online, complete the sentences using correct forms, check your answers interactively. Improve your English grammar with the ESL activities about may might/may not might not modal mixed positive negative question form. The first may might tests are easier and suitable for kids, beginner (A1), elementary (A2) and pre-intermediate (B1) learners.

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