Zero Conditional Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. If the person is a young man, he has various resources. (be) (have)
  • 2. If he is blind, he the flute. (be) (play)
  • 3. If we at all of human life, it only of the young, the fair, and the innocent. (think) (be)
  • 4. If the confectioner large bunches, it well to wind the wires onto a tree twig, for the sake of the additional firmness. (wish) (be)
  • 5. If he the images of others, he nothing. (repeat/or/imitate) (achieve)
  • 6. If it anywhere, it here. (be) (be)
  • 7. If he , he it all as hurriedly. (recover) (forget)
  • 8. If life a continual denial of the past, then it nothing. (not/be) (be)
  • 9. If he into the fields, he the difference between barley, rye, and wheat; between rape and turnips; between natural and artificial grass. (walk) (not/know)
  • 10. If she a mail steamer, she at all the ports on the coast. (be) (stop)
  • 11. If she brave, life easier for a woman than a man. (be) (be)
  • 12. If it first our ship, everything all right. (detect) (be)
  • 13. If emancipation by law philanthropic in Kentucky, it , for the same reasons, philanthropic in every State in the Union. (be) (be)
  • 14. If the proprietor a garden, the overseer that. (have) (tend)
  • 15. If he weak in English, the teacher him special attention. (be) (give)
  • 16. If he a man, he him. (like) (like)
  • 17. If I , Krassin me. (fail) (disavow)
  • 18. If you , somebody else . (not/win) (do)
  • 19. If we this distinction between art and technique, the matter simplified. (make) (become)
  • 20. If it on the G for him, then he . (fall) (win)

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