Third Conditional Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. It has often been said that if a single shot had been fired against his original little band Napoleon's march on Paris would have been stopped. (passive/fire) (passive/stop)
  • 2. She would have died of laughing if he out a great deal of his money on them. (die) (not/lay)
  • 3. If he out his hand to touch hers, it any more than did the prolonged gaze of his eyes. (stretch) (not/mean)
  • 4. If Peter , the wind his voice back and away from us. (shout) (carry)
  • 5. I am certain she her somehow if she it. (prevent) (know)
  • 6. If I him, he it a good deal sooner than I should. (flog) (get over)
  • 7. It was not Joe who was sitting immovable on the seat of the light wagon that was drawn up before the gate, but my astonishment so great if it . (not/be) (be)
  • 8. If she , she . (speak) (cry)
  • 9. afterwards if I ? (what/I/not/give/?) (go)
  • 10. Jim thought if he a spelling-book, he the word that way. (make) (spell)
  • 11. If it for him it . (not/be) (not/happen)
  • 12. I him if I . (slay) (dare)
  • 13. If it for him I the lively fellow with me, and shown him how to hunt. (not/be) (keep)
  • 14. Breed's cry to rally a pack was never raised, for his own domestic duties were many; and if he forth the summons none it. (send) (answer)
  • 15. If proper attention to it, fewer mistaken statements and hypotheses the dignity of appearing in print. (passive/pay) (attain)
  • 16. Do not accuse me of faint-heartedness; if I a step beyond these fraternal compliments, the claws out of the sheath and into me. (go) (be)
  • 17. We in as ugly a fix as he's in now if we it in time. (be) (not/sight)
  • 18. But I did not know where to find you, and I you yesterday if you my face and spoken. (not/know) (not/look into)
  • 19. I if he me. (fall) (not/catch)
  • 20. If she up to this point, she it more calmly. (lead) (not/receive)

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