Get Used To Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. Could he ever get used to such a life? (he/could/ever/?)
  • 2. I have been accustomed to live in a family, and I can't get used to this life. (not/can)
  • 3. She never could get used to this life either! (could)
  • 4. You the idea, though, that every Project demands its toll of deaths. (must)
  • 5. He the idea, but he wasn't happy over it. (past continuous)
  • 6. He the thought that she had really left him, and as though still searching for some message, some reason, some reading of all the mystery of his married life, he began opening every recess and drawer. (not/could)
  • 7. Though anyone all kinds of horrid sights, in a measure, I could tell some things that I don't think one would care to hear. (can)
  • 8. She was sort of skeary-like when she first came into the country; but she it. (present perfect)
  • 9. Began at the bottom-as if they were in training for the presidency, you know-the mother it as much as the father. (not/present perfect)
  • 10. I wish my girl boarded in a livery stable, then she the smell. (would)
  • 11. I the idea at all. (not/can)
  • 12. I can't break you in at such a big figger, and then hev you bolt the track just as I you. (present perfect)
  • 13. Even his wife the firing-line, now that neither shot nor shell could harm her boy. (past perfect)
  • 14. But as I go on in life, day by day, I become more of a bewildered child; I this world, to procreation, to heredity, to sight, to hearing; the commonest things are a burthen. (not/can)
  • 15. I suppose you have to be self-centred to succeed; and then somehow, they the little things. (not/can)
  • 16. Poor little orphans, they their changed conditions! (not/could)
  • 17. He told himself he it presently. (would)
  • 18. Finally I fell asleep, comforting myself that I it. (might)
  • 19. But perhaps I it. (shall)
  • 20. She just the fact that she was engaged to such a prince among men! (not/could)

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