Would vs Used To Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 3,179

  • 1. It seemed as if the day would never come.
  • 2. Mrs. Heron stopped abruptly, as if she could say no more, as if, indeed, she had said too much, as if she were not used to saying such things.
  • 3. Heck, they're even used to traveling a lot.
  • 4. This have been a serious matter.
  • 5. He be sure to know everything.
  • 6. She's so having her own way I always say, What's the difference?
  • 7. I am almost sure he not have.
  • 8. If he did, we not believe him.
  • 9. I'm not very strong yet, and I'm not being out untethered like this.
  • 10. And she n't have come without him.
  • 11. What be the end of it all?
  • 12. He was so walking under the light lunar gravity that he was no longer conscious of it.
  • 13. I think it be a very good thing.
  • 14. She doats down on him' is often express 'She is very fond of him.
  • 15. How much you know of them?
  • 16. You n't believe how good they are.
  • 17. You not know it to look at her.
  • 18. I tried to heat water and I'm not a kitchen range.
  • 19. We n't know where to go.
  • 20. I knew he feel that way about it.

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