Too vs Enough Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 4,959

  • 1. He's been long enough on the stock.
  • 2. You mustn't be too long alone.
  • 3. The whole business is too big for me.
  • 4. His mind was full of other things.
  • 5. They were much far from home.
  • 6. He had been sure of his position.
  • 7. Another day would be long for him.
  • 8. You wouldn't be careful .
  • 9. You have many children to keep.
  • 10. I've had quite of this.
  • 11. The first few words went simply .
  • 12. It was bad as it was.
  • 13. That part of the country was quiet .
  • 14. It shan't be late!
  • 15. It's bad to feel it.
  • 16. She's not strong to stand it.
  • 17. I am not local for them.
  • 18. Her heart was full to speak.
  • 19. I know well what you believe.
  • 20. The rest of the story was simple .

Online Too or Enough Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

2020 online multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank too enough exercises across 101 tests provide a wide range of sentences to help you grasp the context and usage/formation of the too vs enough. Prepare for exams, practice too vs enough online and verify your answers immediately. Expand your English grammar proficiency with interactive too or enough activities. Suitable for kids, adults, ESL learners at the beginner, elementary, and intermediate levels.