Little vs Few Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 3,480

  • 1. He was only here for a few hours.
  • 2. It was only a few feet away.
  • 3. I want a little light on this subject.
  • 4. Very light entered this dark place.
  • 5. It would only be for a minutes.
  • 6. Very time was lost in this operation.
  • 7. There was very mud about the margin.
  • 8. progress was made on that day by either side.
  • 9. For the much cry there was wool.
  • 10. For some time she had been alone.
  • 11. But to the ceremony she paid attention.
  • 12. In a days he had a letter.
  • 13. We will have a reading in the evening.
  • 14. He paid them attention, however.
  • 15. Let's hear the gossip of the town.
  • 16. He had very knowledge to go on.
  • 17. I must say a words to her.
  • 18. There was a blood on his shoulder.
  • 19. After a moments they returned to the fire.
  • 20. He got very help from his sister.

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