Plurals of Nouns Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. You have known him for three years. (year)
  • 2. There should be waves on that sea. (wave)
  • 3. They asked the men to do it. (man)
  • 4. We don't want you as . (slave)
  • 5. This is not the place for such . (word)
  • 6. Yet he had heard of such . (thing)
  • 7. But that is the way with . (man)
  • 8. The in it are very good. (story)
  • 9. It was only a few away. (foot)
  • 10. The woman had something in her . (arm)
  • 11. There are no upon the . (leaf) (tree)
  • 12. And he had not been without his . (difficulty)
  • 13. He never took his from her face. (eye)
  • 14. He was regarded by the as a peculiar individual. (native)
  • 15. It is one of the most beautiful in the world. (country)
  • 16. It had its and its . (enemy) (friend)
  • 17. I've lived a thousand . (life)
  • 18. But he did not see the . (child)
  • 19. She had heard the from the boat. (cry)
  • 20. You must have heard about those . (property)

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