Be Allowed To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 6

  • 1. When the pearl was completely peeled it was gently rubbed with three grades of polishing paper, each finer than the previous one, and then the writer was allowed to examine it. (past simple/examine)
  • 2. Then Turner was allowed to tell his story. (past simple/tell)
  • 3. Several presumably awe-stricken men were allowed to take a conducted tour of the Rat ship. (past simple/take)
  • 4. In short, this Scene Virtue's Triumph, and Clarissa's Conduct to be a direct Opposition to that of all those whining Women, who blubber out an humble Petition to be joined for Life to the Men who have betrayed them. (past simple/be)
  • 5. After he had had a capital tea, Charlie round with the farmer to see that the horses were all right for the night, Charlie carrying the lantern and feeling himself quite a man as he followed the farmer into the stable. (past simple/go)
  • 6. In different parts of the country it had been found that horses could drag heavier loads if the wheels of the cart on rails made of wood or iron. (past simple/run)
  • 7. A little old woman kept a candy store some little distance down the street, and the girls down there Saturday mornings and buy five cents' worth of candy. (past simple/go)
  • 8. The animals on the outside, but were carefully watched to prevent a stampede. (past simple/graze)
  • 9. Somehow or other, between Hyllus and the chorus, the sombre intensity of the complaint . (past simple/evaporate)
  • 10. In north Malabar a custom has arisen by which after a special ceremony the bridegroom the bride to live in his house, but in the case of his death she must at once return to her own family. (present simple/take)
  • 11. So she alone, and in consequence she arranged the whole business. (past simple/go out)
  • 12. From these unconscious indications, Stephen knew that he had held their interest and he did not intend that they themselves quite, until he had finished. (should/compose)
  • 13. The prisoner thus isolated leaves his cell only for an hour's exercise in promenade cellulaire; he no one and to receive no communication from outside, but the ingenuity of the prisoners contrives to modify these regulations. (present simple/see)
  • 14. It would be perfectly impossible to run a place like this if every man complaints at all hours of the day and to all sorts of people. (past simple/make)
  • 15. This continued for several days; one or two caskets every day were allowed to pass out by the guards, although orders were issued to search all boxes, trunks and baggage; yet these caskets through unmolested for about fifteen days. (past simple/pass)
  • 16. And then he . (past simple/come)
  • 17. He at the Florentine ambassador's palace, with the exception of a short period, from his arrival in February, until the passing of sentence, June 21, 1633. (past simple/remain)
  • 18. As Dorothy had sufficient self-confidence and a good memory, she her part, which was certain to be that of the principal character. (past simple/choose)
  • 19. They proceed to the spot in the Maria Wood, and the one who secures the interesting saurian all the green fat. (present simple/eat)
  • 20. The spectators, however, were all men; for with the exception of a few priestesses who had certain official duties to perform, no females present. (past simple/be)

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