One Ones Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. He messed with green shipmates and blue ones.
  • 2. He had prospects and good solid ones.
  • 3. No one seemed to pay any attention to him.
  • 4. They looked at another in silence.
  • 5. He put his head on side.
  • 6. He must be or the other.
  • 7. day he went without the child.
  • 8. She was absolutely without relations except deceased .
  • 9. There was only thing to do.
  • 10. She gathered the three little in her arms and the candle and the fire light shone over them.
  • 11. Any could read the fact in his voice.
  • 12. That is side of the question.
  • 13. He cannot make without the other.
  • 14. There's only thing to do.
  • 15. It was of the best things you ever did.
  • 16. They were the only with the brains for the job.
  • 17. You may confirm old acquaintances, but you can rarely make new .
  • 18. There was only thing to be done.
  • 19. It's of three things.
  • 20. The men looked at another in silence.

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