Have Has Got Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 14

  • 1. He didn't have much time to wonder. (past)
  • 2. The first edition contained an errata slip, which this copy hasn't got.
  • 3. Here we've been going nearly seven months, and you haven't got pictures for one issue yet!
  • 4. And, besides, if she a good education herself, how can she teach her children?
  • 5. It is unlikely, however, that the beginner will discover that he this habit, until a few failures draw his attention to it.
  • 6. The stock of firewood has gone down, and she above a couple of hundred pounds' weight in her altogether.
  • 7. She it with women.
  • 8. But she anything. (past)
  • 9. Your Texan any nerve.
  • 10. Radio simply nearly the number of thoroughly trained men it needs.
  • 11. Still, I think Ingomar is my most dangerous lion, although he his teeth in me yet; he's tried, but missed me.
  • 12. He also ascertains the best methods of brewing, testing out each grade and kind on his own table, if he testing facilities in his store.
  • 13. It is too bad that we time to cultivate the dwarfs often in the yards and gardens of North America.
  • 14. All such attempts have been failures, for the simple reason that we facts enough to prove any theory.
  • 15. The man who lives down through the knowledge that he has, has all the secret of all knowledge that he .
  • 16. I wanted Charlie to go snooks with me, but he time.
  • 17. You a hundred pounds to pay with.
  • 18. Nowadays in our schools the children the drudgery of committing the long tables to memory as their grand-parents did.
  • 19. But I had resources to fall back upon that Eileen -a family who loved me and understood-friends-so I pulled through.
  • 20. Our Susan B. Anthony will work up into a charming bit of biography some day without a dull page within the covers, providing, of course, stupidity the writing of it.

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